Strides Being Made Toward Green Fracking

From TriplePundit:
But given that we already have the infrastructure in place and it’s far cleaner than any of its conventional alternatives, it would seem to be the way to go for the next decade or so for home heating, power generation, and possibly even transportation fuel. That is, if we can get it out of the ground without killing ourselves in the process.
Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking does not meet that standard today. When I wrote about this as part of theenergy pro and con series, I said, “As far as fracking is concerned, considering that there is already lots of gas available right now, there is no reason (other than greed) to be in a hurry to develop shale gas. Instead, we should take whatever time is necessary to develop a safer, more responsible way to access that gas, while investing heavily in more sustainable sources that will ultimately obviate the need for it.”
Well, it seems that the folks in the industry been listening to me after all (and here I was thinking I was wasting my time).
A number of recent developments by each of the top three natural gas producers show that they have indeed been working to develop cleaner safer methods of extracting the gas from beneath the earth.
Read more about the processes being developed by clicking here.

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