Links of the Day 03/27/15: Shale Oil to Run Out Soon?, Fracking Critics Downplaying EPA Groundwater Study, and More

Seeking Alpha:  Kinder Morgan: The Sharks Have Begun to Circle   -   "Kinder Morgan (NYSE: KMI) has stated it will increase the dividend by 16% this year and 10% each year until 2020. These projections sound good in theory. Yet, the company will need to grow EPS in order to make good on..."

Gas & Oil:  Barnesville Schools to Join Utica Shale Academy   -   "The Barnesville Exempted Village School Dstrict is joining forces with a charter school to offer high school students a unique opportunity to get hands-on training in the burgeoning gas and oil industry next school year."

Akron Beacon Journal:  Groups Discover Unlicensed Frack Fluid Facility in Jefferson County   -   "As the oil and gas industry lobbies lawmakers to further consolidate power in the hands of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), the agency has shown itself to be ill-equipped to have more oversight of..."

NGI:  Drilling Fluids Provider Ordered to Close Ohio Site   -   "The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has ordered an independent oilfield services company to cease operations and remove equipment at a site in Jefferson County after it learned from grassroots organizations that the company was operating illegally. About two weeks ago, Anchor Drilling Fluids USA Inc., which was acquired by Calumet Specialty Products Partners LP last year, was given 14 days to shut down after an ODNR inspector discovered that the company was recycling drill cuttings without a permit, said..."

Forbes:  Stop Propping Up Zombie Oil Companies   -   "“Everybody says it’s going to be different this time — the city’s more diversified than it used to be. But oil still supports everything here, whether they believe it or not.” Perhaps most stunning: the number of lifelines thrown to troubled oil companies in recent weeks. Investors seem to be worried that they’re going to miss the opportunity to..."

Associated Press:  Despite Low Oil Prices, Recent Mishaps, DOE Advisory Council Pushes for Arctic Drilling   -   "The U.S. should immediately begin a push to exploit its enormous trove of oil in the Arctic waters off of Alaska, or risk a renewed reliance on imported oil in the future, an Energy Department advisory council says in a study to be released Friday. The U.S. has drastically cut imports and transformed itself..."

The Detroit News:  States Are the Best Fracking Watchdogs   -   "The rules issued last week by the Obama administration regulating hydraulic fracturing on federal lands should serve as fair warning to those states like Michigan that have already enacted adequate standards to regulate..."

CNBC:  Why Oil Could Be Going Back to $70   -   "Oil has fallen too far too fast, and benchmark Brent crude could be back at $70 or $80 per barrel, the CEO of Signal Investment Research said Tuesday. Stephen Davis said on CNBC's "Squawk Box" he sees oil prices bouncing $10 In the next three to six months and believes prices could go much higher. "The price of [Brent] oil has..."

SNL:  Trailblazing Company's Demise Clouds Future of Waterless Fracking   -   "With more than 5 million gallons of water shot down a typical shale well and millions more gallons later recovered and requiring disposal, a method to fracture oil and natural gas bores without water seems like an energy company's dream. GASFRAC Energy Services Inc., a small company that developed a method to use propane gel instead of highly pressurized water to crack rocks, looked as though it might have hit..."

Heartlander Magazine:  Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic   -   "I am skeptical humans are the main cause of climate change and that it will be catastrophic in the near future. There is no scientific proof of this hypothesis, yet we are told “the debate is over” and “the science is settled.” My skepticism begins with..."

Energy in Depth:  Why Are Fracking Critics Downplaying EPA's Groundwater Study?   -   "Inside Climate News (ICN) recently produced an article alleging that industry has somehow bought off the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), particularly with respect to its forthcoming study on groundwater and hydraulic fracturing. ICN, which has a history of taking sides when it comes to covering fracking, attempts to lend credibility to a dubious allegation from drilling critics, citing “the agency’s [EPA’s] weakness relative to..."

Reuters:  U.S. Refiners Turn to Tanker Trucks to Avoid "Dumbbell" Crudes   -   "In a pressing quest to secure the best possible crude, U.S. refiners are increasingly going straight to the source. Firms such as Marathon Petroleum Corp and Delek U.S. Holdings are buying up tanker trucks and extending local pipeline networks in order to get more oil directly from the wellhead, seeking to cut back on blended crude cocktails they say can..."

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