Letter to the Editor: Pipeline Expansion a Must for Ohio

Dear Editor,

Additional expansion of pipeline infrastructure in Ohio is essential to moving the new domestic supply of natural gas.

This opportunity unlocks great economic development in regions where natural gas previously wasn’t even a conversation. We need an improved transportation network to support the massive supply of natural gas now present here in Ohio, and to enable our own businesses to utilize this affordable and ample energy source.

Construction of future pipelines is also vital to Ohio’s economic outlook, providing jobs and an economic boost to our state and local businesses.

If we want heating and electricity prices to remain low, even during the coldest months of winter, we need to have the means to transport our vast supply to consumers here at home.

Dorsey Hager is the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Columbus /Central Ohio Building Trades Council
939 Goodale Blvd., Suite 231
Columbus, Ohio 43212
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