Today's Links - More Gasland Debunking, Kasich's Estimate for Ohio Oil & Gas Reserves Criticized, Fracktivist Funded by Oil & Gas Royalties, What is Frackademia, Canton Still Mulling Over Gas Development, and More

Another article looks at Gasland and concludes that it contains half-truths and propaganda.

Governor John Kasich has said that $1 trillion of oil and gas could be pulled from Ohio shale deposits.  Experts say that he is wrong.

A fracktivist who is waging war against gas development in Texas kept her blog going with money from the oil and gas lease she signed.  Yeah.

Conflicts of interest in what has been termed "frackademia," where academic research on fracking is paid for by the industry.

The Utica Capital continues to research gas development.

An anti-gas activist named Brendan DeMelle writes an unintentionally hilarious column in which he expects to be taken seriously in his criticism of the oil and gas industry for pointing out bias on the part of those who write articles demonizing gas development and hydraulic fracturing...while he is a biased individual writing just such an article to support his clear agenda against the oil and gas industry.  Classic.

And, of course, the industry's media arm is quick to respond to Mr. Demelle's article.

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