Another Fracktivist Lauds the Stop the Frack Attack Rally

Fracktivist fluff is all bark
and no bite
From Peter Rugh of "Waging Nonviolence" comes a summary of last weekend's Stop the Frack Attack rally.  It features some colorful language designed to demonize fracking.  It also features exactly ZERO facts to support the claims it makes about fracking's ill effects.

Take this opening passage, for instance:
The war came home this weekend, as thousands of people whose land has been under siege by the U.S. government and corporate interests gathered in Washington, D.C. No, they weren’t victims of drone attacks or 10-plus years of fighting in Afghanistan. They were ordinary Americans, whose neighborhoods, townships and states have been struggling to put an end to fracking, a destructive form of natural gas drilling.
An emotional paragraph that gets your attention, isn't it?  Then there's this one:
The fracking amendments gave the world’s wealthiest energy corporations license to invade some of America’s poorest counties, poison their drinking water, foul their air and putrefy their soil. 
Very poetic rhetoric.  However, without facts to support it, statements like this are nothing more than fluff, designed to provoke an emotional response from people which will overwhelm their mental faculties and keep them from noticing that there is no evidence given to support these accusations.

Open-minded individuals who want scientific answers to their questions and concerns about fracking will not find them here, which is why, like so much of the anti-drilling commentary, this article is all biased bark and no factual bite.

Not that there is any less bias inherent in articles by the industry's representatives, such as Energy in Depth.  They simply tend to be more effective at utilizing the scientific research that supports their pro-drilling viewpoint and thus appealing to the objective individual who is researching the fracking debate.

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