Trumbull County Officials Request Moratorium on New Injection Wells

From NGI:
Elected officials in Trumbull County, OH, voted unanimously Wednesday in favor of a resolution asking Gov. John Kasich to declare a moratorium on drilling any new wastewater injection wells in the county. 
According to an audio recording of the Trumbull County Commissioners meeting, an earlier version of the resolution called for a three-year moratorium, but the language was changed before the 3-0 vote. 
Commissioner Daniel Polivka said Trumbull County is already home to 19 injection wells, making it one of the top counties in the state for hosting them. 
"I think the biggest crime of this now is that we've lost local government money," Polivka said. "These injection wells are being drilled ... and we're getting a big zero on funding back. That definitely needs to be changed because we have [road use maintenance] agreements with oil and gas wells, [but] no agreements with these injection wells, and there's more truck activity and whatnot.
"We really requested that the formula be changed too at the state so some of that money comes back to our local communities."
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