06/12/15 Links of the Day: Carrollton Schools Building CNG Fuel Station, Williams Partners Takes Controlling Interest in UEO Midstream, and More

Bloomberg:  Why This Shale CEO Isn’t Afraid of OPEC or Low Oil Prices   -   "Apache Corp. CEO John Christmann didn’t just get a new job when he took charge of one of the world’s biggest shale producers in the dark days of the oil market crash in January, he signed on to a corporate makeover. In the past six months Christmann has focused on transforming Apache from a high-flying global explorer into a ruthlessly efficient..."

Gas & Oil:  CARROLLTON SCHOOLS BREAKS GROUND ON COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS FUELING STATION   -   "Carrollton school administrators joined Carroll County officials, state agencies and businesses for a May 8 open house and ground-breaking ceremony to celebrate the Carrollton Exempted Village School District’s future compressed natural gas fueling station and new POWER education center..."

Natural Gas Now:  New York’s Love for Fracked Gas, Produced Elsewhere   -   "New York is in love with fracked gas, believe it or not; they just want it produced elsewhere, an intellectually dishonest and unsustainable position. There are few things more certain than the certainty of certain New Yorkers they’re the smartest, best looking and most righteous folks around. That’s why they won’t be caught dead on the west side of the Hudson without a New Yorker magazine..."

BBNA Convergence:  Company, counties fight over pipeline tax   -   "The company operating a cross-country underground pipeline running beneath 13 Ohio counties said it should not have to pay millions of dollars in taxes to local governments. The ATEX Express travels through 265 miles in Ohio, including Greene, Warren and Butler counties, and runs 1,200 miles..."

Williams Companies:  Williams Partners Completes Acquisition of Additional Interest in Utica East Ohio Midstream Partnership   -   "Williams Partners L.P. (NYSE: WPZ) today announced that its subsidiary Utica Gas Services has successfully completed the previously announced acquisition of approximately 13 percent of additional equity interest in Utica East Ohio Midstream LLC (UEO) from a subsidiary of EV Energy Partners, L.P. (NASDAQ: EVEP) for..."

Gas & Oil:  OHIO OIL & GAS ASSOCIATION CHIEF GIVES UPDATE ON GAS AND OIL INDUSTRY   -   "Shawn Bennett shared his insight and vast knowledge of the oil and gas industry as a guest speaker at the 25th anniversary banquet in April of the East Ohio Development Alliance at Carlisle Village Inn in Walnut Creek. Bennett is the CEO of the Ohio Oil & Gas Association, and also serves as..."

StateImpact PA:  Bradford County considers royalties lawsuit against Chesapeake Energy   -   "Pennsylvania’s most drilled-on county is exploring the possibility of joining one of the many lawsuits that have been filed recently against Chesapeake Energy. The Oklahoma City-based company has been widely accused of cheating landowners out of royalty..."

Washington Post:  After plunge in oil prices, hope fades for group of long-beleaguered workers   -   "Other men bought big houses or new pickups with their oil money. Mike Gillham bought his favorite bar. He heads there most nights, to lug in more beer, to throw darts with his regulars, to smoke Camels and sit with his wife and wonder how to keep getting by, now that his oil job is gone..."

Harvard Business School:  Innovative Strategy Would Allow U.S. to Capitalize on America’s New Energy Advantage While Protecting the Environment and Speeding the Transition to a Lower-Carbon Energy Future   -   "In a new report released today, experts at Harvard Business School (HBS) and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) have put forward a comprehensive plan to overcome the false trade-offs between reaping the enormous economic benefits of developing unconventional gas and oil, minimizing environmental impacts, and making major progress toward reduced greenhouse-gas emissions..."

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