FrackNation Director Appears on Fox Business to Discuss EPA Fracking Study

We mentioned earlier in the week how Gasland director Josh Fox got booted off Fox Business for calling Stuart Varney, the host of the show Fox was appearing on, a liar.  Fox and fellow anti-drilling activists have been flooding social media with blatantly false statements that he was kicked off for "schooling" Varney on fracking in the days since.

In an interview with a far different tone, FrackNation director Phelim McAleer made an appearance on Varney's program yesterday.  McAleer chose not to pull a stunt that he knew would get him kicked off the show in order to generate attention for himself, so this interview has flown under the radar in comparison to Fox's.

Of course, McAleer also took a far different view of the EPA report on fracking and its impact on groundwater than Fox did.  Like the EPA did in its press release on the report, McAleer focused on the overarching conclusion reached by the agency, which is that fracking does not systematically contaminate water.

You can view the interview by clicking here.

Industry media arm Energy in Depth also posted a response to Fox's appearance.  You can read that here.

Salon, meanwhile, sang Fox's praises.  You can read that article here.

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