Broadview Heights Won't Challenge Ruling Overturning Fracking Ban Because it Can't Win

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:
The city of Broadview Heights won't appeal a Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas ruling that allows oil and gas drilling in the city
The city consulted two large downtown law firms on a possible appeal and deemed further legal action futile, Law Director Vince Ruffa said in a phone interview Wednesday. 
"There was no basis for an appeal, honestly," he said. "They gave us the opinion that appealing would be pointless and frivolous." 
The decision means a voter-approved ban on future wells will remain overturned. Two oil and natural gas firms can drill new wells in Broadview Heights unchallenged, and others can apply with the state for new permits. 
Ruffa would not say if the city plans to take other legal action to prevent oil and gas drilling.
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