Anti-Drilling Group Pushing for Vote to Block Nexus Pipeline in Medina County

The following is a press release from the group "Sustainable Medina County:"
Yesterday, after seven weeks of collecting petition signatures, Medina County landowners from the group Sustainable Medina County dropped off 214 petitions with over 5,600 signatures to the Medina County Board of Elections in the hopes of placing a County Charter with a Bill of Rights on the ballot in November for a direct vote from the residents. The Director of the Medina County Board of Elections said that the Board will review the signatures and they should have a decision by Thursday, July 2nd as to whether there are sufficient signatures to place the proposed charter on the ballot for a vote.

The counties of Athens, Meigs and Fulton also followed suit and dropped off signatures to their Boards of Election. 
Many residents of the County who signed the petition voiced their concerns about the effect the NEXUS high pressure natural gas pipeline (36” or 42”) would have on their property values and they also voiced their concerns about the compressor station that is to be built in Guilford township and how it could affect the health of the residents of Medina County. 
“Sustainable Medina County advocates for all residents of Medina County to have a direct voice and vote on matters affecting families, Medina County communities and the environment,” noted Kathie Jones, the group’s convenor. “All of our residents deserve protection from dangerous and unwise energy projects like the NEXUS pipeline. Re-routing NEXUS from some property owners onto other residents will not protect the environment of Medina County. We’re already seeing how in some communities it has begun to pit neighbor against neighbor. Our campaign is everyone’s campaign.” 
If enacted, the County Charter would not alter any current county orders and regulations or laws relating to or affecting the County or its officers, agencies, departments or employees. The Charter contains a Bill of Rights, including rights of initiative and referendum on the county level, which will untie the hands of our county officials by securing for the county the same level of authority as a municipality. 
To protect the residents of Medina County, we feel the vast majority of voters will again speak for the charter form of county government this November.
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