UPDATED: Well Explosion in Wayne County Shakes Up Residents

The Akron Beacon Journal is reporting some additional details today on the explosion in Wayne County.  The best news is that there were no injuries.

Here is an excerpt from the updated story:
Chippewa Township Fire Lt. Cody Post said there were two storage tanks at the site, which harvested natural gas and crude oil.
“They [workers] were still installing equipment, they weren’t finished yet,” he said. “The two tanks were next to each other and one exploded and the other one suffered some damage. We delayed watering it down because we had to make sure that one wasn’t about to explode while we were attempting to put the fire out.”
There were no injuries.
Read the whole thing here. 


From the Akron Beacon Journal:
Fire crews from several Wayne and Summit County departments are working to extinguish flames from a well explosion in Chippewa Township.
Zachary Jenkins said he had just arrived at work at a farm when a recently constructed drilling site near the Spring Hills Golf Course blew up around 4:45 p.m.
Jenkins said the force of the explosion about a half a mile away was so great he thought something had fallen onto his truck.
“It rattled the windows and shook the truck,” he said.
Within seconds, Jenkins said, the sky was filled with flames and smoke.
Read the rest of the developing story here. 

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