Ohio Sales Tax Receipts Climb as Shale Development Grows, But Jobs Numbers Not Keeping Pace

From Business First:
The growth numbers jibe with increases in sales tax activity reported in January by Energy in Depth Ohio, an oil and gas trade group.
But the Cleveland State study also found the shale boom has not boosted employment much in a part of Ohio that has suffered through decades of job losses and hard economic times. Employment was up 1.4 percent in 2012 in the strong shale counties, which was identical to moderate shale counties and just above the 1.3 percent growth in weak shale counties.
“Employment growth associated with exploration and early-stage production may have been captured by out-of-state workers that already possessed the necessary skills and training,” the study said. “Employment growth should accompany the increased scale and scope of shale activities in the coming years.”
Read the whole article here.

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