Former PA Governor Rendell Implores New York to Accept Fracking, Fails to Disclose His Own Industry Ties

Former PA Governor Ed Rendell
From ProPublica:
Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell took to the New York Daily News op-ed pageWednesday with a message to local officials: stop worrying and learn to love fracking.
As New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo agonizesover whether to allow the controversial natural gas drilling technique, Rendell invoked his own experience as a Democratic governor who presided over a fracking boom. New York state, Rendell argued, has a major part to play in the nation’s fracking “revolution” — and it can do so safely. He rejected what he called the “false choice” of “natural gas versus the environment.”
What Rendell’s passionate plea failed to note was this: since stepping down as governor in 2011, he has worked as a paid consultant to a private equity firm with investments in the natural gas industry.
Read the whole article here.

This isn't the first time lately that Ed Rendell has made news for his industry-friendly behavior.

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