Local Companies Attract Oil and Gas Dollars

(New Philadelphia) – On January 14, Ohio Shale Connect launched nation wide with the intent to allow Oil and Gas Industry workers and officials easier access to local Ohio based companies. Ohio Shale Connect started out of a pilot program in association with the Cambridge-Guernsey Community Improvement Corporation in Cambridge, OH in 2012. Recently the program has gone state wide allowing more businesses to attract the attention of the hundreds of new companies moving into Ohio. These companies support drilling operations of the Utica and Marcellus Shale oil and natural gas formations.
Ohio is in the beginning of a multi-billion dollar oil and gas boom that is expected to last 10-20 years. Ohio is unique in that thousands of feet below the surface are not one but two large sources of oil and natural gas trapped in the shale rock formations. Companies from around the world are moving into the state to drill and explore these formations.
“Ohio has great businesses that can benefit from the national oil and gas companies relocating here.” states Cash Williamson, Ohio Shale Connect. He continues “The problem is most companies coming into the area have no idea what we have to offer. They often choose familiar out-of-the-area businesses because they just don’t know where to look; we feel we have solved that problem.”
Ohio Shale Connect launched an in-depth website and mobile Smartphone app with a detailed directory of local Ohio companies. These local companies support and/or service the oil and gas boom in Ohio. The website can be found at www.ohioshaleconnect.com. The mobile app can be downloaded from the site directly to user’s Smartphone including iPhones, Android and Blackberry devices.
“We feel this format is the best way to reach the intended audience of oil and gas workers moving into the area. Most workers use their Smartphone to access the web and get the information they need. Our mobile app and website make finding local businesses as easy as one-click.” says Jason Johnson, Ohio Shale Connect.
Local Ohio companies interested in connecting or partnering with the oil and gas workers are encouraged to visit the site and see how Ohio Shale Connect can serve them. The mission for the project is to keep every dollar local.
For more information, visit www.ohioshaleconnect.com

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