Protesters in Carrollton Causing a Ruckus Over Out-of-State Hiring

From the Times-Reporter:
For the second week, protesters carried signs throughout the village, protesting the hiring of out-of-state workers for oil and gas company jobs.

Carrollton Police Chief Ron Yeager said he has received complaints regarding the demonstrators. While they originally protested on the square, late last week and again Monday, the protesters stood on the bottom curb strip of the square.

Truck drivers have complained to the police department, stating that the demonstrators are spitting on out-of-state trucks as they pass through the square. The demonstrators also are being accused of shouting derogatory names at out-of-state trucks.
The article goes on to state that many of the protesters are members of the Laborers' Union and say that they will keep protesting until they get jobs.

And can there be any question that making an unruly spectacle of themselves and spitting on company vehicles as they pass by will make these individuals much more attractive as potential hires to the various companies that they are protesting against?

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