UPDATED: SEC Investigating Chesapeake Over McClendon's Interesting Compensation Plan

Bloomberg has a slightly more extensive article on the SEC investigation of Chesapeake:
Chesapeake Energy Corp. (CHK) said the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s informal inquiry into outgoing Chief Executive Officer Aubrey McClendon’s private investments in company-owned wells escalated into an investigation.
Chesapeake was notified by the SEC that the probe had graduated to the next level on Dec. 21, the Oklahoma City-based natural gas producer said in a public filing today. Chesapeake also disclosed today that it continues to supply documents and other information to a federal grand jury in Michigan investigating the company’s conduct in auctions of gas-drilling leases.
Chesapeake, once the pre-eminent U.S. gas producer, lost as much as 39 percent of its market value since the beginning of last year as a supply glut that collapsed profits was compounded by evaporating investor confidence in management. The board announced five weeks ago that McClendon will step down by April 1 as the company seeks buyers for billions of dollars in oilfields and other assets to plug a cash-flow deficit that Chesapeake estimated may reach $3.5 billion to $4 billion this year.
Read the whole article here.


Reuters has a brief report today that Chesapeake Energy has stated that the SEC is investigating the company and soon-to-be-former CEO Aubrey McClendon in an effort to uncover all the facts regarding the special program that allowed McClendon a share in the wells the company drilled.

That's basically all there is to the report at this time.  When there is more to the story, it will be posted.

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