Friday, August 10, 2012

Emissions Analysis at Drilling Site Debunked by Expert

From John Hanger's blog:

Last year, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation released a video taken with an infrared camera, purporting to show toxic pollution and methane streaming from gas production facilities in Pennsylvania.  Here's the video: 
Most of the public seeing the video probably found it dramatic, worrying, and possibly convincing.  They likely were impressed by the professor from a prestigious university whom CBF asked to analyze the video.

Now many months later, Energy In Depth has released a rebuttal video.  See the video here: 
To analyze the CBF video, EID's video expert presents a starkly different version of what the CBF video shows.  He says that the emissions are engine exhausts and not hydrocarbons and methane being vented.

I encourage you to watch both videos which are short. 

After doing so, the question becomes, what to make of the competing videos?  Here's 3 lessons that I would offer:
To read the rest of Mr. Hanger's post, click here.

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