Carroll County Group Holding Event to Collect Water Quality Information From Landowners

Press release from Carroll Concerned Citizens:
3nd Annual Water Quality Data Sharing Event – Saturday Feb 21

Carroll Concerned Citizens will again host an opportunity for landowners to share data about their water quality. This data will be used to track water quality over time and is being added to database accessible by researchers and interested citizens.

Volunteers will be on hand from 9-11am on February 21 at the Church of Christ, 353 Moody Ave. Carrollton and are targeting water quality results from laboratories only. Results can be for well, spring or surface water sources regardless of who paid for the testing, e.g, a drilling company, coal company, or just paid for by the landowner.

The service is free and open to any landowner regardless of their county. Scanning is quick and landowners need only bring the paper copy of their laboratory results. Landowners can chose whether or not their name and address information is kept confidential.

Special note: Landowner’s who shared data last year only need to consider sharing again if they received new/additional laboratory results.

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