Utica Shale Wells Suffering From Extended Shut-Ins?

From NGI:
A lack of gathering and transmission lines in some parts of the country, particularly those in the Utica and Marcellus shales, are leaving wells shut-in longer, and new data presented Wednesday at an oil and gas conference in Cleveland suggests estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) could be significantly impacted as a result. 
Although operators can count on a wait time of at least six to eight weeks before well completion and flowback begins, Performance Services Inc. President James Crafton said everything should be done to minimize the time a well is shut-in, from altering strategies at the pad itself to waiting for adequate takeaway capacity. Performance Services is an energy industry consultancy based in Colorado. 
"The data set is small, but the observation is compelling," Crafton told a large crowd gathered for a technical conference at the Ohio Oil and Gas Association's annual Oilfield Expo and Safety Conference. "As an industry, we have no choice but to leave wells shut-in, but it's the way you do it that matters."
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