Magnum Hunter Resources Provides Operational Update

From a Magnum Hunter press release:
Appalachian Basin Drilling Update:
The Company has now drilled and completed three 100% (approximately) owned wells located on the Ormet Pad in Monroe County, Ohio. The Ormet 1-9H Well tested at 2,676 Mcf/d and 216 Bbl/d of condensate, the Ormet 2-9H Well tested at 5,117 Mcf/d and 816 Bbl/d of condensate and the Ormet 3-9H Well tested at 3,876 Mcf/d and 756 Bbl/d of condensate. Eureka Hunter is continuing to install gathering system pipelines to these wells which are approximately 80% complete. Additionally, sufficient surface liquids handling equipment has been ordered and is scheduled to be installed by mid-March.
On the Collins Pad located in Tyler County, West Virginia, the Company has drilled four 100% owned wells. The Collins 1118H Well has tested at 10,000 Mcf/d and 472 Bbl/d of condensate and the Collins 1119H Well has tested at 9,850 Mcf/d and 470 Bbl/d of condensate. The Company is in the process of moving this test equipment to the remaining two wells already drilled and completed, the Collins 1116H and 1117H, and will begin the testing of these wells sometime early next week. Due to the high liquids content of this region at both our Collins and Spencer Pads, operational upgrades are being made to the Eureka Hunter gathering system in order to appropriately handle all new liquids production.
Shortly after completion of the first well on our Farley Pad (Farley 1305) located in Washington County, Ohio which had a controlled blow-out, the Company began drilling the second well on the Farley Pad (Farley 1306). The Company is currently drilling the lateral section and anticipates TD at 7,600 feet (horizontally) sometime today. The Company anticipates fracture stimulation of this well in early January and expects to report initial production test rates by the end of February.
The Company has recently hit TD on the first Utica Shale well on the Stalder Pad located in Monroe County Ohio, and will commence fracture stimulation operations next week. Test results from this well are anticipated by the beginning of January. The first Marcellus Shale well drilled on the Stalder Pad is awaiting completion operations. Management has chosen to delay completion and testing of the Marcellus well on the Stalder Pad until late in the first quarter of 2014 to allow the Utica Shale well on this pad to flow to sales for an extended period of time.
Update on Leasehold Acreage:
The Company has continued to acquire mineral leases in both West Virginia and Ohio to increase its overall ownership position. Approximately 89,000 gross (83,000 net) mineral acres have been purchased in the Marcellus Shale and approximately 105,000 gross (97,000 net) mineral acres have been purchased in the Utica Shale. Of this acreage, the Company currently estimates that approximately 21% or 38,000 net acres are overlapping and provide potential drilling in both the Marcellus and Utica Shale Plays from dual pad sites.
Read the whole press release here. 

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