Solid But Not Overwhelming Results Reported From 3 Monroe County Wells

From The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register:
According to Magnum, Triad Hunter drilled three wells on the Ormet pad. Approximate daily natural gas production rates for each of the three wells are: 2.68 million cubic feet per day, 5.1 million cubic feet per day and 3.88 million cubic feet per day.
In addition, Magnum states the wells are producing about 1,788 barrels of natural gas "condensate" per day.
Condensate is a hydrocarbon liquid dissolved in saturated natural gas that comes out of solution when the pressure drops below the dewpoint.
"The bulk of this is gathered at the well pad. Some of it drops off into the pipeline, while some drops off in compressor stations," Paul Weissgarber, senior vice president of Crosstex Energy said of condensate, further referring to the material as "a very light oil."
You can read that entire article by clicking here. 

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