Activist Poses as Oil & Gas Engineer

Oil & gas engineer Syd Peters
From The Barrel Blog:
Every journalist’s nightmare is to use a quote from somebody who is not really who they say they are. And something like that has now come to the fracking debate.
The Telegram, a newspaper based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, last week ran a letter from a Syd Peters. He claimed to be an engineer based in Alberta who had worked with fracking, and oh, he can talk some trash.
According to the energy view of Syd, jobs produced by fracking are far less than claimed; damage to groundwater supplies is extensive; methane leakage is rampant. It’s the usual litany brought up by fracking critics.
You can see the letter here. That particular instance of the letter includes The Telegrambeing forced to admit that it hadn’t gone through its normal procedures to determine the identity of a letter writer. The statement was not much more than “mistakes were made.”
Read the rest here.

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