Consol Looks to Get More Out of Shale With Longest Laterals

From Business Journal Daily:
Drilling vertically through the shale isn’t cost-efficient because the quantity of oil and gas retrieved would be minimal.
But drilling across the shale formation is.
The trick is hitting that “pay zone” – that rich spot of either the Marcellus and Utica shale formations – and drilling across the length of the rock. Consol is using longer laterals and shorter fracturing stages to great effect, Boggs says.
In Westmoreland County, Boggs gestures toward a rig preparing to drill a second horizontal well at the Mamont South pad that’s 8,000 feet in length. He says Consol is pioneering the use of longer extensions and innovative completion methods. A single well from this pad could net an estimated ultimate recovery – that is, the amount of gas produced over the life of the well – of between 10 billion and 15 billion cubic feet.
“It has a lot to do with completion design,” Boggs says, and how the well is hydraulically fractured.
Hydraulic fracturing injects millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals under high pressure into a well to free up oil and gas hydrocarbons tightly held in the shale. Once the well is drilled, it is “fracked” or perforated in stages.
Read much more about how Consol is trying to increase its efficiency here. 

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