Martin Sheen Involved in Anti-Fracking Film for Public Television

The staunchly anti-drilling organization Environment America has joined with Martin Sheen and the public television program Breakthroughs to produce a program condemning fracking.  Here is a portion of the press release from Environment America:
This week, Martin Sheen’s Breakthroughs program released an expose on fracking featuring Environment America to public television stations across the country. As the debate over dirty drilling continues to mount, the Breakthroughs piece could reach as many as 60 million viewers in all 50 states.
“Fracking is taking a terrible toll on our environment and our health,” said John Rumpler, senior attorney for Environment America. “People should see and hear the truth before they find themselves living next door to dirty drilling.”
Shot on location in Pennsylvania – epicenter of the fracking frenzy – the Breakthroughs segment features
• A Pennsylvania family whose well water was contaminated and whose granddaughter living with them became ill after fracking operations commenced nearby;
• Dr. Poune Saberi, who has examined health data from residents and workers nearby fracking operations and believes that the numerous, documented cases of residents becoming ill near drilling are likely “the tip of the iceberg;” and
• Lou Allstadt, former Executive Vice President of Mobil, explaining why he now sees fracking as inherently fraught with environmental destruction.
Read the whole release here.

It may be a challenge to view the program in at least some of Ohio, though.  From Columbus Business First:
But it will be a challenge for TV viewers in Central Ohio to watch the segment narrated by Sheen. WOSU-TV Program Director Stacia Hentz told me the public television station doesn’t plan to air it. 
“Our concern is they are not always balanced programs,” she said of Breakthroughs segments. “We have to be very careful about dealing with various programs like this.” 
Read that whole article here.

And here is the online video for the program.

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