Home Rule Case Being Painted as a David Vs. Goliath Battle

We have been trying to keep our readers up-to-date on all of the latest developments in the crucial Munroe Falls v. Beck Energy Corp. case that is being reviewed by the Ohio Supreme Court.  It stands to have a drastic impact on drilling activity in Ohio moving forward.  If Munroe Falls is successful, drillers will be unable to start drilling in Ohio after obtaining a permit from the state, but instead will have to be concerned with further complying with permitting requirements drawn up by local municipalities - most of whom know little about geology, oil and gas drilling, or fracking, and many of whom are being pressured by activist organizations to ban drilling altogether.

From Columbus Business First:
The Ohio Supreme Court has received 34 amicus briefs in Munroe Falls v. Beck Energy Corp. from cities, small businesses and others who think local regulations are a good idea. Nineteen briefs have been filed by oil companies, large business associations and state that want the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to maintain its exclusive authority to regulate drilling under state law.
The case has businesses such as Donkey Coffee in Athens, Mustard Seed Market in Akron and Snowville Creamery in Pomeroy on one side of the debate and theAmerican Petroleum InstituteOhio Chamber of Commerce and Ohio Oil and Gas Association on the other side.
“It’s definitely David vs. Goliath here,” saidOhio Environmental Council Legal Affairs Director Trent Dougherty, who filed briefs for many of those who favor local regulation.
Read the whole article here. 

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