Call Goes Out For Paid Fracking Protesters

Josh Fox & co. will pay
you $500 to do this
From Natural Gas Now:
Several friends sent me an appeal recently from for individuals who would volunteer as Fracking Fighters.  It’s a fascinating letter from Josh Fox, the phony film maker who has built a career around one $100,000 lie and after making some reckless statements typical of his approach to any topic, he begs for people to step forward and join the brigade against fracking, using a $500 sweetener to attract attention.  If there is any clearer indication the fracking opposition is in trouble, I don’t know what it might be.  Paying for volunteers is the last resort.  They’ve been doing it all along, of course, but this is blatant and a tacit admission their claim about the industry flooding the battleground with money was really just another case of accusing your opponent of doing what you’re doing.
Read the whole post here.

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