Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oil Industry Teaming Up With Disney for "Rocking in Ohio"

From the Huffington Post:
Radio Disney, "home of the hottest kids' music," is teaming up with Ohio's oil and gas industry to teach school kids that pipelines are awesome.
"Rocking In Ohio" is an interactive, game show-like presentation entirely funded by the Ohio Oil and Gas Association and presented jointly with Radio Disney. This "special partnership," as they call it, "highlights the importance of Ohio’s oil and gas industry, and why science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are crucial in developing energy resources in Ohio," according to the association.
Hosted by a master of ceremonies and three staffers from Cleveland's Radio Disney affiliate WWMK, the hour-long event challenges kids, families and dads to head-to-head games that explain the science behind resource extraction and tout the benefits of products made from fossil fuels. Children run, dance and answer questions, and are given prizes from Disney movies and the Radio Disney brand.
Radio Disney broadcasts online and in more than 35 markets and positions itself as "the unrivaled broadcast radio network for kids and families." Nielsen ranks Cleveland as the nation's 31st-largest radio market.
The whole article can be read here. 

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