Saturday, December 21, 2013

Links for 12/21/13: Keystone XL Debate Continues, Ohio Updates Best Practices for Pipelines, and Much More

Oil Sands:  Five Year Anniversary: List of Reasons to Build Keystone XL is "Now Nearly as Long as the Pipeline Itself"

Ohio Department of Natural Resources:  Ohio Updates Best Management Practices for Pipeline Installation and Soil Health

Akron Beacon Journal:  Mogadore youngsters get dose of science from Radio Disney

Columbia Daily Tribune:  Group calls "fracking" study "inflammatory"

Telegraph:  Fracking report changed to include "more negative effects" following lobbying from green groups

Institute for Energy Research:  Is the Administration trying to regulate Hydraulic Fracturing through OSHA?

The Times-Tribune:  Chief acquires Chesapeake leases for $500 million

Energy in Depth:  Science Doesn't Back the Methane Blame Game

Project Syndicate:  Robert Skidelsky questions whether Larry Summers's "secular stagnation" thesis has teken adequate account of the rise of shale energy in the US

EPA:  Energy Company to Pay $3.2 Million Penalty to Resolve Clean Water Violations in West Virginia / Chesapeake Appalachia LLC to spend estimated $6.5 million to restore areas damaged by natural gas extraction activities

Akron Beacon Journal:  McClendon may face same conflicts in seeking new investors

Press release:  MarkWest Energy Partners Announces Sale of Common Units under Equity Distribution Agreement

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