Links for a Friday: Norse Files for Bankruptcy, 'Promised Land' Facing Tough Critics, Can Fracking Transform Quality of Life in Ohio?, Remembering "Peak Oil", Is Energy Behind Apple's Recent Decision to Build in U.S.?, Cleaner Fracking is a Hot Topic, Study Says Gas Exports Would be Good for U.S.  Norse Energy files for bankruptcy while hydrofracking still on hold

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  "Promised Land" putting fracking in focus

The Plain Dealer:  Fracking is an opportunity to transform quality of life in Appalachian Ohio (letter to the editor)  Remembering "Peak Oil" Madness

Yahoo! Finance:  U.S. Is Becoming the Top Low Cost Energy Destination for Big Business

New York Times:  Race Is On to Clean Up Hydraulic Fracturing

The Hill's E2 Wire:  Long-awaited study says gas exports would boost US economy

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