Barnesville Couple Sues Oxford Oil Company for $2.5 Million

From Shale Gas Reporter:
Curtis R. Hallstrom and Susan M. Hallstrom, of Barnesville, have filed a $2.5 million lawsuit against the Oxford Oil Company in Zanesville, Ohio.
The Hallstroms own approximately 150 acres in Belmont County.

Lease tied up

The couple signed an oil and gas lease with Oxford Oil Company in July 2006. The lease signed was for a primary term of five years.
The Oxford Oil Company claims to have applied for a permit to drill on the property covered by the Hallstrom lease in December 2010, but has been prevented from proceeding because of a coal company’s actions.
According to the lawsuit, the Oxford Oil Company claims that the coal company, Murray Energy, is the reason it allegedly has not been approved to drill on the property.
In the lawsuit, the Hallstroms claim Oxford Oil Company should have known the couple did not own the coal under the property. The lawsuit claims there were public records detailing who owned the coal at the time of the lease signing.
Read the whole article here.

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