FrackNation Producer Says the Film is "Not Pro-Fracking, It's Pro-Truth"

From The Daily Caller:
As the television network HBO greenlights a second documentary about the dangers of fracking, investigative journalist Phelim McAleer prepares for the release of his own documentary, “FrackNation,” which sets out to find the truth about fracking and expose “misinformation” spread by anti-fracking groups.
“It’s not pro-fracking, it’s pro-truth and pro-journalism,” McAleer told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an interview. McAleer made the documentary with his wife Ann McElhinney and colleague Magdalena Segieda.
“There’s a lot of emotions out there, there’s a lot of allegations out there, there’s a lot of lawsuits out there,” he continued. “Let’s look at the science and the truth behind the emotion and the science and the lawsuits.” 

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