Friday, November 30, 2012

Solar Energy Being Used to Facilitate Cleaner Natural Gas Drilling

From Businessweek:
The vast majority of hydraulic fracturing sites in the U.S. are powered by emissions-spewing, noisy diesel engines.
So, Ron Hyden, who’s seen a lot during his four decades in the oil patch, is eager to show off something new: a machine used in fracking that relies on gravity and electricity generated from solar panels to send sand into a labyrinth of tubes before it’s shot underground to prop open tiny cracks in natural gas- or oil-bearing rock.
The irony of gravity and solar panels being used to help capture fossil fuels isn’t lost on Hyden, Bloomberg Businessweek reports in its Dec. 3 issue. “You would’ve never thought we’d give a flip about this,” Hyden said in a Texas twang as he gazes at the solar panels atop his new contraption. “We’re big into it.”
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1 comment:

  1. Wow, this news is so refreshing! =) Kudos to Ron Hyden for pushing through with the idea of a fracking machine that uses gravity and electricity from solar panels. This will definitely be very beneficial to the human race and to nature as well. I’m sure many people will go for this proposal. =)

    - Queenie