Bernie Sanders Vows to "Ban Fracking All Across This Country"

From Breitbart:
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) vowed Wednesday to ban the practice of fracking throughout the United States if he becomes president. 
“If I win, we are going to ban fracking all across this country,” Sanders said during a morning press conference at the Spreckles Veterans Memorial Building in a rural farming community in Monterey County. 
“Fracking not only threatens our water supply, it pollutes the air supply. it contributes to climate change, it is highly explosive and it has resulted in more earthquakes, something Californians know a little bit about,” Sanders added. He noted that Vermont was the first state to ban the practice and New York was the second to follow suit, but lamented that nothing has yet happened in California or the rest of the United States.

Gov. Jerry Brown has come under pressure from his own Democratic Party for allowing fracking to take place in the Golden State. On Tuesday, Brown endorsed Hillary Clinton for president over Sanders in an open letter he penned and posted to his website. He said he was “deeply impressed with how well Bernie Sanders has done.”
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