Ohio Lawmakers Introduce Legislation Providing Tax Breaks for Purchasing Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles

From the Alliance Review:
Two state lawmakers have introduced revamped legislation that would provide tax breaks for the purchase of vehicles that run on compressed natural gas. 
Reps. Sean O'Brien, D-Bazetta, and Dave Hall, R-Millersburg, said they have made changes to the proposed law changes, with hopes that the bill will make it through the Ohio Senate this time around. Comparable legislation passed the Ohio House a year ago, but did not move through the other chamber before the end of the session. 
The goal of the legislation is to prompt local governments, businesses and consumers to buy new vehicles or convert existing ones to run on natural gas, taking advantage of supplies being tapped in eastern Ohio's emerging shale oil fields. 
"It's clean for the environment, it's more energy independent, greater national security -- we're not sending money to countries and organizations that may be sending us terrorists or bombs," O'Brien said during a rooftop press conference at Clean Fuels Ohio, with the Columbus skyline as a backdrop. "It's less expensive than traditional fuels. It saves money on auto maintenance, and it's a job creator." 
Hall added, "Ohio is a dominant energy player in not just the nation, but the world. We need to be able to use our resource, use it properly."
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