Franklin Township Ends Road Use Maintenance Agreement After Chesapeake Refuses to Do Repairs

From Shale Play:
The current state of two Franklin Township roads along with an oil and gas company's refusal to cooperate has prompted trustees to sever its road use maintenance agreement. 
Trustees voted during a recent meeting to terminate its RUMA with Chesapeake Energy after the oil company opted not to take responsibility to repair Acker Road and Nature Road, saying the roads are the township's responsibility. 
The RUMA, which was worth $60,000, states that Chesapeake is responsible for maintenance of the roads as the company conducts drilling activity and is to keep them in "as good" or "better" condition. 
In a voice message received by trustee Mike Lutz, a representative from Chesapeake said the company has ended drilling and is now in "production mode." As a result, the company is not responsible to repair the roads. The representative also said a letter in writing would be needed in the event the township were to end the RUMA.
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Some might say that this doesn't seem like a wise move by Chesapeake from a community relations standpoint.

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