Analyst: Chesapeake Energy is in a Race to the Bottom by Not Reducing Production While Prices Are Low

From Seeking Alpha:
The startling news from Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:CHK) is that the company actually raised 2015 production guidance to 640 to 650 mboe per day. The company forecasts up to 3% production growth over the adjusted 2014 numbers. No matter what the energy exploration firm achieves this year, the one major goal has to be lower production. If the market won't pay higher prices for oil and specifically natural gas, the company shouldn't produce more of the product. It appears a simple supply and demand equation that Chesapeake Energy struggles to understand. 
Besides, the company is awash with debt and domestically the country is awash with energy supplies so Chesapeake has no incentive to increase production no matter what it does. Ironically though, the primarily natural gas production firm appears incapable of completely pulling back the reigns. 
Previous research focused on this inability to cut production and consequently the stock continues sitting near lows. Any reason investors should change their opinion on the stock now?
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