If You're Raking in Money From Shale Drilling, You Could be a Reality TV Star

From Columbus Business First:
MAC Worldwide Inc. wants to hear from multiple folks who quickly came into money by leasing land to oil and gas companies for a show called Suddenly Rich.

The show, which has been picked up by a major cable network that prominently features reality TV programming, is not just about fracking families. It’ll feature vignettes of other people who have hit unexpected windfalls – think winning the McDonald’s Monopoly game or finding a Picasso in grandpa’s attic.

“Fracking is a controversial issue across the country,” he told me. “We’re not going to talk anything about the fracking. That’s their quick little one-liner. Cool – let’s learn how it affected you." James Holden, the head casting producer for the show, said the show’s aim is to be aspirational. 
Confidentiality is a top priority if a landowner is, justifiably, worried about sketchy people knowing of their money, Holden said. Filming begins June 22. It requires a three-day commitment and participants get a small stipend. 
“They’re not going to get rich from this,” Holden said, although that shouldn’t be of concern when appearing on a show called Suddenly Rich.
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