Baker Hughes SeismicTrak Seismic-While-Drilling Service Reduces Formation Uncertainty

Accurate time and depth data improves drilling targets

HOUSTON – (October 31, 2014) – Baker Hughes announced today the commercial release of its SeismicTrak™ seismic-while-drilling service, which provides precise measurements for reducing formation uncertainty and enables operators to hit their reservoir targets with greater accuracy. The SeismicTrak service delivers real-time seismic and waveform data that allows operators to adjust their well trajectory as necessary to avoid potential drilling hazards.
With its ability to detect pressure changes, potential exiting of the reservoir, and other downhole uncertainties while drilling, the SeismicTrak service informs operators of approaching formation changes just below the bit. This enables operators to quickly change their well trajectory, adjust their mud weight, or set casing to mitigate hazards.
In highly deviated, horizontal, or extended-reach wells, the SeismicTrak service can access boreholes that may be difficult for wireline, reducing the need for additional openhole time or the use of risky deployment methods. The service collects real-time checkshot data and full wireline-quality vertical seismic profile data in memory for processing after drilling to increase subsurface understanding.
The SeismicTrak service provides the most precise time/depth measurement technology in the industry, with a drift of less than one millisecond over 10 days. The service is further enhanced by Baker Hughes borehole seismic experts, who process, interpret, and integrate all the provided data into a complete well plan.
About Baker Hughes
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