Ohio's Chief Geologist Talks About Potential of Upper Devonian Shale

From Business Journal Daily:
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- The state's chief geologist says that the future of oil and gas exploration across Ohio might rest with improved technology and other shale plays that appear to have the same sort of rich organic content as the Utica/Point Pleasant shale, today a focal point of the industry. 
"We're investigating the Rhinestreet shale and the Huron shale," said Tom Serenko, Ohio state geologist, Tuesday. "If you look at the cores, you see the similarities to the Point Pleasant. We're dealing with very dark, organic-rich shale." 
The Rhinestreet and Huron plays are intervals that help make up the Upper Devonian shale in Ohio, which rests above the Marcellus shale. The Ohio portion of the Marcellus isn't likely to produce a significant amount of natural gas or oil because of its limited scope, Serenko said, but the Upper Devonian could hold promise.
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There have been some rumblings that the Upper Devonian could begin to attract some serious attention.  It will be intriguing to see if those plays can inject even further life into Ohio's shale boom.

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