Kent Official Not a Fan of Proposed Fracking Ban

Jim Silver (left)
From Energy in Depth:
Youngstown anti-fracking activists managed to get their “Community Bill of Rights” – which has been overwhelmingly defeated three times already – on the ballot again this November, but they haven’t managed to impress too many people in the community. 
In fact, City of Kent Law Director Jim Silver (who claims to be a “self-described environmentalist”) said last week that the document is “terribly written,” contradictory and overly-broad. As the Record-Courier reported, Silver put it this way: 
“Besides precluding gas/oil harvesting process, the amendment would make it illegal to discharge anything into the air or water, no matter the circumstance, Silver said. If approved, Kent would become a ‘ghost town,’ Silver said, because it would be illegal to drive a car, cut grass with a gas mower or operate a gas heater because of the related emissions.” (emphasis added)
Read the whole article here.

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