Company's Facility to Wash Waste-Hauling Trucks Shut Down Pending Permit From ODNR

From The Morning Journal:
The truck washing facility used by Clear Creek at the corner of the M&S Truck Stop on state Route 14 ceased operations following a special Aug. 18 planning commission meeting in which the board determined it would not approve their operations without an ODNR permit, which is required. 
City Manager Lance Willard confirmed on Friday the company has not yet received the permit, and Bob Yallech, who is serving as Clear Creek’s legal counsel, said he is optimistic the company will continue operations there in the future. 
“We are waiting to get permitted. We have an engineer who is doing his work and our due diligence, and we expect once his work is done, to obtain a permit,” he said. 
The engineer he was referring to is one working for the ODNR, who will determine whether a permit should be issued.
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