Links for 9/3/14: EnerVest Targets Clinton Sandstone, Good Stories in Ohio, and More

The Hill:  Fracking is Not a Threat   -   "First, it is important to note the costs and benefits of hydraulic fracturing have been studied extensively, and the author’s assertion that there has been “little if any honest consideration of the consequences” of hydraulic fracturing has no basis in reality. On the contrary, in addition to much private research, the federal government and state agencies have conducted numerous studies on fracking, including..."

Yahoo Finance:  Eclipse Resources Corporation Announces Rates from Utica Shale Pads   -   "Eclipse Resources Corporation (“Eclipse Resources” or the “Company”) (ECR) is pleased to announce the commencement of production at two of the Company’s pad locations consisting of a total of 7 Utica Shale wells at a total combined rate of 52.6 MMcf/d of natural gas and 1.8 MBbl/d of condensate. The Shroyer well pad in Eastern Monroe County, Ohio is currently producing..."

Akron Beacon Journal:  EnerVest Drilling Horizontal Wells in Ohio's Clinton Sandstone   -   "EnerVest Ltd., based in Houston, has quietly drilled seven miniaturized horizontal wells in the sandstone that has been heavily drilled in the past. Clinton sandstone is found under 25 counties in eastern Ohio including those in the Akron-Canton-Cleveland area. EnerVest has drilled three wells in..."  Less Shake From Artificial Quakes, Study Says   -   "Man-made earthquakes, a side effect of some high-tech energy drilling, cause less shaking and in general are about 16 times weaker than natural earthquakes with the same magnitude, a new U.S. study found. People feeling the ground move from induced quakes—those that are not natural, but triggered by injections of wastewater deep underground— report significantly less shaking than those who experience more normal earthquakes of..."

Capital New York:  Anti-Fracking Ex-Mayor in Bar Fight with Pro-Fracking Blogger   -   "Former Binghamton mayor Matt Ryan, a fracking opponent, could face harassment charges after getting into a bar fight with a prominent pro-fracking advocate, State Police said. Ryan, who helped Binghamton pass a fracking ban, shoved Victor Furman, a frequent critic of anti-fracking activists, during an argument inside..."

Energy Tomorrow:  False Choices and the Anti-Fracking Crowd, Part 1   -   "A USA Today op-ed this week on hydraulic fracturing by the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Amy Mall is such an achievement in dishonesty it’ll take multiple posts to unpack it all. So stay tuned. For now, let’s look at the opening, tone-setting paragraph of Mall’s piece and the way it deploys a false choice to try..."

Madison Press:  Across Ohio, Good Stories Are Not Hard to Find   -   "Turn on the news or open a paper and it seems as though the world is falling apart. From gridlock in Washington to chaos in the Middle East to war and tragedy in eastern Ukraine, bad news dominates the airwaves. But I am privileged in my job as your senator to work with ordinary Ohioans who are doing extraordinary..."

New York Times:  A New American Oil Bonanza   -   "“We were able to take a day-cation because of the lower gas prices,” said Ms. Hughes.  The reason for the improved economics of road travel can be found 10,000 feet below the ground here, where the South Texas Eagle Ford shale is providing more than a million new barrels of oil supplies to the world market every day. United States refinery production in recent weeks reached record..."

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