ODNR Lifts Ban on 1 of 2 Injection Wells After Finding No Connection to Earthquake

From Business Journal Daily:
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has lifted its suspension on one of the two American Water Management Services injection wells in Weathersfield Township, the agency announced Thursday. 
In a prepared statement, ODNR spokeswoman Bethany McCorkle said that after analyzing data in the wake of a 2.1 magnitude earthquake that occurred in late August, the agency determined that the shallower well – AWMS #1 -- was not related to any seismic activity. 
"ODNR concluded that with reasonable scientific certainty, injection operations at the shallower of the two wells was not related to the 2.1 seismic event that occurred in August," McCorkle said. "The company may resume injection operations at the AWMS #1 well immediately."
You can read more here.

The other well that was shut down by the ODNR following the earthquake remains offline at this point.

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