Business & Political Figures Joining Together to Encourage Oil & Gas Industry to "Choose Stark" County

From The Alliance Review:
A groundbreaking event took place Wednesday night as representatives from local government, chambers of commerce, labor unions, and construction contractors mingled with businesses to form an alliance with the purpose of bringing more oil and gas companies and support industries into the county.
The Stark County Oil and Gas Partnership put a Choose Stark event together at the Canton Cultural Center that Canton Mayor William Healy called very, very unique. "When was the last time you have ever been to an event sponsored by a collaboration of labor, business and government and had everyone on the same page?" Healy asked the audience during his portion of the presentation.
Dave Kirven of the Stark County Oil and Gas Partnership explained the organization's mission is a simple one: To promote environmentally safe fracking and safe practices during drilling and to connect Stark County to the oil and gas industry. While the county is experiencing an influx of oil and gas companies and support industries, an effort is being made through the partnership to convince more businesses to "Choose Stark" when deciding where to locate in the area.
Read the entire article here. 

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