Group Releases Report Showing Cozy Relationship Between PA Politicians & Energy Industry

The Public Accountability Initiative has released a report entitled "Fracking and the Revolving Door in Pennsylvania."  The report details the ties between PA government officials - many of whom are or were involved in regulation of drilling and fracking - and the energy industry.  Many officials have either received jobs in the industry upon leaving their government office or worked for the industry prior to taking office.

The report is viewable below, and you can read another article from PAI that is focused on tearing down the Pennsylvania Environmental Council by clicking right here.

It should be noted that PAI receives funding from the Park Foundation, which spreads money around to many of the reports that end up being negative towards the oil and gas industry.  Isn't it odd that the "impartial studies" that receive Park Foundation money never seem to have a positive view of oil and gas development in general or fracking in particular?

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