Holmes, Wayne, Medina and Ashland Counties Not Proving to Be Prime Drilling Spots

From The Daily Record in Wooster:
WOOSTER -- Devon Energy Production is abandoning its drilling efforts in Wayne, Holmes, Ashland and Medina counties because the results have not been encouraging, a company spokesman said.
The company drilled a well in East Union Township, and while the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website still lists it as in production, the company is not actively drilling here or in Ashland and Medina counties (the latter two wells have been plugged). Devon had permits for three wells in Holmes County, but the company no longer has plans to drill any of them.
"The results from the oil window we got from drilling were not encouraging to us," said Chip Minty, a Devon spokesman. "We chose not to move forward with that program. We (recently disclosed) we are planning to divest our properties in Ohio in the Utica Shale formation."
Read the whole article here.

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