Josh Fox Takes Another Approach to Attacking Oil & Gas Industry: They Don't Care About Worker Safety

TRAILER for "CJ's LAW " A New Short Film on Worker Safety in the Gas Fields by Josh Fox from JFOX on Vimeo.

Energy in Depth was quick to respond.  Here's a snippet of their article on the topic:
Now, make no mistake: not a single death or a serious injury that happens at an industrial worksite is acceptable to anyone. But in rare cases, accidents and incidents do occur, even with the most stringent regulatory system in place anywhere in the world, and the combined investment of literally billions of dollars each year into new processes, systems and technologies designed and proven to make the workplace even safer.
But Fox isn’t just saying that oil and gas companies don’t care about their employees, as scurrilous a charge as that may be. He’s also saying that the industry’s track-record on safety is bad, a contention echoed by a reporter at E&E News in a piece filed the week after Josh’s new video hit (and featuring the same interview subjects as Josh used).
But what do the actual data say about the industry’s safety record? While we have examined this issue before, it’s certainly worth revisiting, especially given the seriousness of the accusations.
The whole article can be read here. 

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