Youngstown Illegal Dumping Story Gets Worse: Over 200,000 Gallons Have Been Dumped

From Business Journal Daily:
Last week, the US EPA confirmed that at least 40,000 gallons of wastewater and oil was dumped into the storm sewer, which empties into a tributary of the Mahoning River.
But Kollar told reporters that Lupo has now admitted to dumping roughly the same amount of wastewater into the drain five other times. That places the amount of wastewater illegally discharged potentially closer to 240,000 gallons, not 40,000.
"That's what he's indicated," Kollar said of Lupo. "He's stated on the record at least six times since September of 2012."
It's still unclear precisely how much wastewater was discharged in the tributary and river, Kollar added, but noted inspectors have found that sediments of the creek leading into the Mahoning are "heavily inundated with layers of oil, supporting the fact that this isn't a one-time offense."
Read the rest of the article here.

This story is really, really ugly - and every new revelation only makes it worse.  Lupo is - and should be - in a lot of trouble.

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