Brunswick Anti-Drilling Resolution Could Lead to Big Tax Revenue Loss

Brunswick City Council
President Patricia Hanek
From The Plain Dealer:
BRUNSWICK - A company recently recognized by the city for its more than 100 years in business could be moving its newest business venture outside Brunswick should a resolution opposing hydraulic fracturing within the city be passed by city council. 
“Since providing environmentally friendly products to this industry is a key growth component of the company’s strategic plan, Philpott will be forced to locate its new wholesale operation outside of Brunswick,” said Michael Baach, president of Philpott Rubber, at a press conference Feb. 18 announcing the company’s new wholly owned subsidiary, Philpott Energy & Transportation Company.
Baach feels the city should try to market itself to attract some of the companies that are drilling in the busy spots of the Utica shale, particularly Carroll County.  However, City Council President Patricia Hanek apparently feels that Medina County is far superior to Carroll County, even without trying to attract drilling dollars.
“I was looking at a comparison and, as of December, the unemployment rate in Carroll County was 7.4 percent; it was 5.6 percent in Medina,” Hanek said. “The average home value was $112,000 there and $184,000 in Medina, and the average annual income in Carroll County was $43,000 – in Medina is was $63,000. So this alleged economic boom does not seem to reflect in the figures.”
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