Friday, September 20, 2013

Energy in Depth Responds to Niles Fracking Ban and Rescindment

From Energy in Depth:
Over the past month, the Niles City Council has been dealing with buyer’s remorse since it was misled into passing an ill-advised community “bill of rights.” The measure was drafted and delivered to them by the Sierra Club and Community Environmental Legal Defense fund, with the intent to ban oil and gas development in the city.  To its credit, however, once it realized its mistake, the Niles City Council didn’t wait long to get itself up to speed on the facts.
Following presentations by the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP) and Energy In Depth, the Niles City Council gained a much better understanding of the history and execution of oil and gas development in Ohio. They also got a firsthand look at some of the pitfalls that the so called “bill of rights” resolution sought to place upon the city. Gamely, activists continued to push the Council to retain its ban on development, notwithstanding that the factual foundation upon which most of their claims were based had been severely eroded.
The result: On Wednesday, the City Council voted unanimously to rescind the community “bill of rights” measure it previously passed. The decision sends an unambiguous message that Niles is open for business and interested in partnering with companies that develop and deliver oil and gas resources safely and responsibly. And it also serves as a cautionary tale for other local municipalities that, were it not for the Niles experience, may have fallen victim to the same scam.
The article goes on to list five takeaways from this story.  Read about them by clicking here.

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  1. Since when is a community's request for rights a scam?

  2. Thank you, Energy In Depth, for giving your schpeel to the Niles council about how "safe" and beneficial shale drilling is. Also, could you maybe claim that local self-governance is un-American? Good luck to the city council when the multi-million dollar rigs along with the toxic waste pits come into the area over the next couple of years for their community members to pay their bills from. Nice way to make money.... polluting the air, increasing our contribution to global warming, and puttin everyone's water at risk. Great stuff!!
    I doubt that you spelled out to the council that you have used the same ad firm that the cigarette industry used for years, to convince the American public that smoking cigarettes was safe too!! Same story, different product!!